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Production / Assembly


Customer satisfaction is our most primary goal. A motivated and flexible team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers ensures reliable production processes. In this way we provide consistently high product quality, reliability and adherence to schedules.

At Hund investment in the future is not just a catchword. Substantial amounts of money are used each year to modernize production equipment. In parallel to this, care is taken to improve logistics and production processes accordingly.

Our services to you:

  • Prototypes and small series
  • Industrial serial production, typically up to 100,000 pieces per year
  • Processing of the latest SMD-type packages, like BGA, µBGA and Flip-Chips mounts
  • Manual assembly of components
  • Storage of moisture-sensitive components in controlled environment
  • Protective coating and silicone encapsulation of assemblies
  • Assembly - from individual components to complex systems 

our Equipment:

  • Automatic in-line stencil printer featuring 2-1/2-D inspection
  • SMD mounting with intelligent feeder system
  • Dual wave and reflow soldering in nitrogen atmosphere
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • ESD-protected work places
  • Laminar flow boxes (for dust free assembly)
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