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50 Years of Innovation

2017 - After long-standing test time the project "Pollen Monitor" is leading into the implementation period. The world's only device that provides unprecedented, detailed pictures of the local pollen load - "Made by Hund".

Joint Venture in the field of dust measuring technology with Sensidyne LP, a company of the SCHAUENBURG International Group.

2016 - Joint Venture with Beck IPC.

The cooperation with Beck IPC gets intensified. Customized IIoT solutions that require vertical integration of sensors and software are developed.

2015 - Verena Schön, daughter of Rita Schön and Helmut Hund, joins the company as authorised signatory for Finance and Human Resource Management.

On January 31,2015 Rita Schön, shareholder, co-managing director and wife of founder Helmut Hund passes away at the age of 58 years.

Dr. Stefan Schäfer joins the company as Managing Director and Partner. He bears responsibility for the areas Development, Sales and Marketing.
2011 - Entry into a new business area, the medical diagnostics, with the in-house development of the Lateral Flow Tester 100 ( LFT 100 ).
2009 - After long-standing development the first Pollen Monitor is set up in Germany. The delivery of regional pollen data is possible now.

2008 - Helmut Hund GmbH is certified according to the set of rules ISO 13485 for the first time. This set of rules contains worldwide approved standards for the manufacture, use and maintenance of medical devices.

2005 - First-time ATEX certification EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2005 to strengthen the area Contract Manufacturing.

2002 - Helmut Hund GmbH sells the share deals of UEG GmbH. (http://www.ueg-gmbh.de)

2000 - Helmut Hund GmbH spins off Geotherm Heating Engineering GmbH by a managment-buy-out.             (http://www.geotherm-linden.net)

1992 - The mass-produced Optics of Helmut Hund GmbH is sold to the toughest competitor.

1988 - With the takeover of the microscope manufacturer Will Wetzlar GmbH, the number of employees exceeds 400.

1984 - The Herzog company with its 85 employees is incorporated into the already existing Helmut Hund GmbH.

1981 - Takeover of Niebch Precision Mechanics in Wetzlar.

1980 - Founding of UEG GmbH in Wetzlar.

1979 - Founding of Geotherm Heating Engineering GmbH in Wetzlar.

1978 - Founding of Verolum Fiber Optics in Schöffengrund-Schwalbach.

1972 - Helmut Hund KG is founded with Jürgen Herzog as limited partner. With the development and manufacture of the             electronic components for the famous Minox camera, the company experienced its first period of rapid growth.

1967 - Helmut Hund founds the company at the age of 17. His first product is an initial current limiter for electric motors.