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Native Blood / Darkfield



H 600 LL HP 100, H 600 LL NH 100, highest intensity by exernal 100 W halogen illumination Medicus HP LED, high intensity by built in high power LED

Specific Features:
  • Cardioid-Condensor NA 1,4
  • Objective NA 1,25 Oil with Iris diaphragm
  • Analysis of native blood
  • Qualitative determination of blood cells and plasma; looking to form, efficiency and affection with microorganism
  • Darkfield microscopy with high numerical aperture (NA), highest magnification and contrast


  • Reduction of stray light
  • Optimal contrast through high NA, even at partially closed Iris diaphragm
  • Highest possible resolution through high NA


  • Failure free and easy diagnosis
  • High magnification
  • Highest contrast
  • Best resolution
  • H600 LL HP for permanent darkfield diagnosis
  • Medicus HP LED price attractive model for first-time users

More information about Darkfield Microscopy for Native-Blood Analysis

Examples of application:

Examples of application:

  • Optimal darkfield image with objectiv
  • SPL 100/1,25 Oil and Iris diaphragm

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