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  • Med-Prax bright field for general diagnosis
  • Medicus phase contrast for bacteria and cell cultures
  • Medicus LED AFL Myko for fluorescence examinations
Specific Features:
  • Application specific microscopy configurations
  • High mechanical stability of the stands
  • Ease of operation
  • Product quality "Made in Germany"
  • High power LED fluorescence light source and filters for common dyes
  • Mykoval fluorescence marker specifically for fungi and mycoses
  • Brightfield, transmitted light phase contrast, darkfield, fluorescence with Mykoval staining
Application & Application Matrix:

Application & Application Matrix:

Veterinary medicine and alternative medicine

  • Diagnosis of urine, blood, bacteria, smears, fungi and mycoses and histology sections
Application Matrix:
  • Brightfield is suitable for samples rich in contrast or stained samples
  • Phase Contrast is ideal for thin samples with low contrast
  • Darkfield is suitable for samples with low contrast with clear contours
  • Fluorescence creates specific information with high contrast (Staining with fluorescence marker necessary)


  • Stable microscopic results
  • Easy selection through application specific configurations
  • Save investments : products "Made in Germany"
  • Repair service up to 20 years
  • Expert consultancy for applications and products
  • Easy operation and retrofit of LED fluorescence illumination
  • Easy staining and low bleaching with Mykoval fluorescence marker%MCEPASTEBIN%


Save investment through:

  • Durable products and expert consultation
  • Application specific solutions from one source

Examples of applications:

Native Blood, Darkfield

Native Blood, Darkfield

Editable, Brightfield

Editable, Brightfield

Brightfield Phase Contrast Fluorescence      Penicillium Fungi
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