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Fiber Optics


Flexible optical fibers (made of glass, plastics or quartz) direct light from a source precisely to a distant spot - not only for directed and glare-free illumination of smallest objects in medicine and microscopy, but also for a wide range of applications covering industrial metrology, image processing and quality control. Another very important application is sensor technology where fibers and light guides are employed for the measurement of various physical parameters such as distance, temperature and pressure, to name but a few.

The design of fibers and light guides by our in-house experts is always based on customer-specific, technical and application-specific requirements. The development, production and processing of raw optical fibers made of glass, plastic or quartz glass with diameters from 25 μm to 100 μm is possible. In addition, we offer the processing and assembly of all types of fiber optic cables in standard and special lengths as well as bonding or fusing of the fiber ends.

Optical fiber cables allow data to be transmitted free of electromagnetic interferences and with high transmission rates, both between and inside devices. We offer a comprehensive product range to solve your particular illumination and information transfer problems. 

Our scope of services: 

  • Drawing tower for endless and 10 meter bundles
  • Glass fibers with aperture angle 120°
  • Quartz fibers with aperture angle 25° to 30°
  • Leadfree fibers with aperture angle 83°
  • Bundle length 10 meters or endless
  • Fiber Ø 25 to 100 µm • Bundle Ø 0.5 to 15 mm
  • Fiber pressing and fusing equipment

  • 20210412 Hund LL 0036 V2