⠀POMO® Symposium Fall 2023


  We are pleased to announce the date for our yearly live and online event: 

        POMO Symposium 2023   

  18 October 2023, 10 AM - 12 PM

During the event, we will host keynote sessions on "applications of automated pollen monitoring" with internationally renowned experts and offer the opportunity for a Q&A.

Detailed information on the key notes will follow soon!
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The new generation of Pollen Monitoring Systems

The new BAA500e



The new POMO® - AI

As an add-on to the existing software solution, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm allows the classifier to evaluate millions of features. Thus, the user may choose between the classical, feature-based approach and our new POMO-AI solution. 

Image analysis based on deep learing algorithms (AI) is the new approach for the detection and classification of bioaerosols. Our new open and flexible software interface makes it possible to either use our POMO-AI recognition software or to adapt to customer specific AI algorithms. This does not only lead to a significant improvement in the detection rate, but also offers the possibility to add other classifiers for the detection of bioaerosols. Moreover, local pollen species can be classified and easily added to the reference database.


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