The new generation of Pollen Monitoring Systems


The new BAA500e



The new POMO® - AI

As an add-on to the existing software solution, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm allows the classifier to evaluate millions of features. Thus, the user may choose between the classical, feature-based approach and our new POMO-AI solution. 

Image analysis based on deep learing algorithms (AI) is the new approach for the detection and classification of bioaerosols. Our new open and flexible software interface makes it possible to either use our POMO-AI recognition software or to adapt to customer specific AI algorithms. This does not only lead to a significant improvement in the detection rate, but also offers the possibility to add other classifiers for the detection of bioaerosols. Moreover, local pollen species can be classified and easily added to the reference database.


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100 years of innovation - Our Anniversary Microscope

We've got something to celebrate. In 1923, Wilhelm Will founded a company in whose tradition Helmut Hund GmbH still manufactures and markets its microscopes today.

To mark this occasion, we are delighted to be able to offer a special edition of the H 600 Wilo-Prax PL in limited numbers. This anniversary edition combines our technological passion with the spirit of what is now a hundred years of tradition.

Do you have any questions about purchasing or the details of our special edition?

You can reach us either via our contact form or by telephone on 06441-2004-0.

HUND expands corporate group

HUND expands corporate group with EMS provider TEBA Electronic Solutions GmbH, joint presentation at the W3+Fair 2024 trade fair in Wetzlar.

With the incorporation of TEBA Electronic Solutions GmbH into Helmut Hund GmbH on January 1, 2024, the company is responding to the increasing demands on innovative and flexible electronics service providers, both in the area of development and especially in the area of EMS manufacturing services.

The Managing Directors of Helmut Hund GmbH, Dr. Stefan Schäfer (left) and Verena Schön (right), together with TEBA Managing Director Stefan Braas (center), are delighted to be able to offer the customers of both companies real added value. "We can also secure and enhance the strength and continuity of both companies for our business partners and employees," said the managing directors at the presentation of the concept at this year's W3+Fair in Wetzlar in March 2024.

With the integration of TEBA into the HUND Group, resources can be pooled at both locations and competencies shared. Synergies will enable both companies to continue offering customers first-class electronic solutions in the future. Both companies will continue to operate as independent companies at their respective locations in Wetzlar and Greifenstein.