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The microscopy-based solutions from Hund are well suited for a variety of biological and industrial applications. Specific advantages are offered for the application areas listed. In addition to specific product configurations, the high image quality (ensuring safe diagnoses) or the easy staining of fluorescent probes are considerable advantages. In addition, the consultancy by our experts provides optimal solutions for the corresponding applications.

  • Materialprüfung


  • LED AFLPenicilliumMykoval

    LED AFLPenicilliumMykoval

    Beispiel Mikrobiologie: Auflichtfluoreszenz von mit Mykoval gefärbter Penicillium-Kultur. Mikroskop: H 600 LED AFL, Objektiv: Plan 40/0,65
  • Hellfeld, Speisepilz

    Hellfeld, Speisepilz

  • Dunkelfeld, Nativblut

    Dunkelfeld, Nativblut

  • Seidengewebe


  • Belebtschlamm Dunkelfeldaufnahme

    Belebtschlamm Dunkelfeldaufnahme

    Example Microbiology

    Fluorescence Image Penicillicum Fungus Grabbed with H 600 Microscope Objective 40 x Plan Achromat Staining with Hund „Mykoval" Marker

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