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Testing / Quality Control


The optical elements, assemblies and systems manufactured by us in series meet the highest demands in terms of accuracy and quality. With the help of the latest test and measuring equipment we examine shape deviations (fits), surface defects, diameter tolerance, centering accuracy or centering stroke, center thickness, and focal length or coating. We document from the prototype test report to the first sample test report to the statistical process control in large-scale production.

An extract of used measuring and testing equipment:

  • Interferometer Xonos VT 750
  • Spectrophotometer Shimadzu Solid Spec-3700
  • Autocollimation systems
  • Stereo microscopes Hund Wiloskop ST PF
  • Focal length and centering meters
  • Inspection cameras with image processing
  • Climatic cabinet

  • Interferometer Xonos VT 750

  • Stereomikroskop Hund Wiloskop ST PF

  • Zentriermessgerät AZP 2 HP von Optotech