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  • medicus plus PH


  • Brightfield and phase contrast, easy to use, compact design
  • Examination of solid components in urinary samples: erythrocytes, leukocytes, crystalline structures
  • Detection of bacteria in urinary samples for diagnostic purposes
  • The urinary sample is concentrated by means of a centrifuge and by rejecting some of the liquid matrix.
  • Without further pre-treatment, one drop of this sample is given onto a microscope slide, covered with a cover slip and investigated in phase contrast.


  • Examination can be refunded according to German Medical Fee Schedules GOÄ 3561, GOÄ 3653 and EBM 32031.
  • Time-saving: Highly sensitive detection of solid components in urinary samples.
  • Simple operation requires only short training periods for users.


Cost-efficient, simple and reliable diagnosis by

  • Simple operation
  • Phase contrast image for highest image contrast
  • Highest resolution through high-aperture obectives

Application Examples:

Diagnosis diseases of kidneys, urinary bladder and/or ureter

Leukocytes, erythrocytes
Leukocytes, bacteria
epithelium cell


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