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Workplace Monitoring


  • Control of emission to evaluate the potential for danger at industrial workplaces in the three fractions
    • I : Inhalable Fraction (Nose and mouth))
    • T : Thoracic Fraction (Trachea)
    • R : Respirable Fraction (Lung)


  • Simultaneous gravimetric and photometric measurement of respirable dust concentrations


  • Respicon TM
    • Simultaneous acquisition of gravimetric and photometric data
    • 3-stage gravimetric and photometric particle measurement device for the simultaneous recording of I, T and A dust fractions
    • Data storage by data logger and reporting at PC by specific SW.


Staubmess Arbeitsplatz Abfllung klein Aufbau_Respicon_TM_klein respicon_gross
Workplace for filling Technical Design Respicon TM Respicon TM

Staubmess_Zeitliche_Konzentration_der_3_Fraktionen_klein Staub_Fraktionen_im_Atemtrakt_klein
Dust fractions in respiratory tracts Example concentration 3 fractions over time


Specific Features:

  • Easy calibration of the photometer by means of the detected gravimetric data
  • Clear illustration of the development over time and analysis of data measured by specific SW
  • Fulfils requirements as standard measuring method according to: EN 481, ISO 7708, ACGIH, MAK, TRGS. Tested according to prEN 13205
  • Low detection limits of 10 µg/m³ (TM Data) resp. 50 µg/m³ (Respicon TM) for DEHS particles
  • Compact and robust design
  • Product Quality „Made in Germany"


  • Early identification of dust contamination enables health-oriented and economic arrangement of workplaces
  • Fast online acquisition of measurements through photometer
  • Recognition of trends through display of development of dust exposition over time in three fractions
  • Mobile operation for short and long term measurements
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Application and product oriented consultancy by experts
  • Durable products


  • Safe results by applying an approved measuring method
  • Safe investment through durable products and expert consultancy
  • Application oriented solutions from one supplier